Before the introduction of this website and its purpose, we’d like to answer the question “Why Iran?”

The country of Iran where %55 of the area is covered by mountains and 23% is covered by desert. Iran with around 150 peaks which are higher than 4000m elevation above sea level is one of the high countries in the world. This feature makes four-season climate diversity of flora and fauna and breathtaking sceneries like green valleys, high waterfalls, desert, snowcapped mountains, rainforest, etc.
Iran the land of young and rocky mountains, different in nature to other parts of the world and combined with a 5,000-year-old civilization, with glorious historic sites such as palaces, castles, gardens, etc. from different eras, makes a completely new challenge and experience for any adventurer besides of adventure activities.

In addition, Iranian people are the friendliest and hospitable people in the world based on visitors’ points of view.

Surprisingly, contrary to media claims, Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East and finally, Iran is one of the low-cost countries to visit.

Yes, this is Iran the country which is well known as a historical country but unfortunately, most the visitors are not familiar with the nature of this country, so we decided to introduce the country from the other perspective and show off its nature.

Persia Explorer Adventure Tour Operator is the adventure division of the inbound department of Hermes Gasht Ariana Tour & Travel Co. (IATA numeric code: 33217752) which was established in 2009. Majid is the founder and head of this division (Persia Explorer Adventure Tour Operator) in Hermes Tour & Travel Co.

We are a group of experienced, qualified, and certified adventurers who are active in various outdoor sports activities with the aim of serving and providing an enjoyable and safe plan for our clients and traveler who are eager to visit Iran and have a different experience of outdoor activities in remotes of Iran.